Our Services

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Our Services Include


• Collection of imagery using the following sensors:
   → Multi-spectral
   → RGB
   → Placement of Ground Control
   → Targets (GCP’s) when required

• Data processing using MicaSense Atlas and Pix4D.

• Data delivery via cloud-based platforms or direct to client, dependent on individual needs.

• Scouting solutions using interactive maps for GPS enabled smart devices that facilitates navigation to identified areas.

• Prescription maps for uploading into agricultural machinery are generated and provided on a job by job basis if applicable.

How the process works


• You book dates you want your field imaged.

• A team, including a licensed pilot, is sent to collect data with a registered RPAS (UAV) by flying over your property.*

• Your data is processed as soon as the upload is completed and outputs are usually available within 24 hours after the upload.

• A link to the Atlas cloud viewer will be provided to access multi-spectral data processed on Atlas. 

• A link to a cloud storage facility will be provided for all other data deliverables processed with Pix4D.

• As a fully licensed operator, Gillcor has comprehensive insurance.


We manufacture and use the JAG-M type aircraft, which reduces our downtime.